Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wheels for Christina

Our Story

My Beautiful Daughter Christina

Our story starts with the birth of this beautiful little girl. Christina was born with Cerebral Palsy, by
the age of 2 she had her first grand mal seizure. Christina has been hospitalized quit a few times
over the years for pneumonia's and other respiratory issues. Christina has severe scoliosis and
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which has her depending on oxygen 24 hours a day

In 1997 Christina had a feeding tube inserted, Nissan fundoplication for refluxing. Later she
had the tube changed from a gastric tube to a jejunum. She is tube fed 100% nothing by
mouth at all, everything goes into her small intestines. Christina is a very special child, she
is non-ambulatory, non-verbal and struggles with various health issues. This little princess
usually has a smile on her face, unless the sun is in her eyes or she is tired or in pain.

This Princess of mine tells me she loves me everyday with her eyes and glowing face. I will
never hear Mommy I Love You, but I see it everyday. I (mom) transport Christina to and
from doctors appointments, family visits, shopping and other outings. I lift my princess in
and out of her wheelchair and into the front seat of our van, which is getting harder to do.
Christina is dead weight since she is non-weight bearing and at the age of 25 she now weighs
137 lbs. We always have a caretaker with us during transports, this caretaker spots us with the
hopes that we do not fall.

Up until 3 years ago Mom worked, I gave up my job to care for my princess. We work at
supporting Christina to the best, but we are now in need of some help. This is why we started
Wheels for Christina with the intentions of getting a Wheelchair accessible van. Our plan is
to keep this going to help other families with similar situations.

We will be posting another page to this website to sell aprons and afghans for this charity all handmade by mom and a caregiver. Visit this web site at

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