Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Morning BlogLand and Our New President

Good Morning to all you bloggers in blogland!! Well now today is the first day of our new President. Lets hope this President will help boost the ecomony and make it so people have decent jobs again. To many people are losing there homes, jobs, families are being torned apart. This recession or depression whatever they call it has to get better sooner than later. The job market is scarce, I opened the paper and looked at it yesterday and there was nothing out there. You used to open the paper and there was job after job, not anymore. I am just Thankful that we still have our home and my husband still has his job. To many people are just pounding the sidewalks day after day and putting out hundreds of resumes and making calls and nothing.

Others are resorting to other means of supporting there families such as turning to crime, most of them are left with no other choice. And that is not what this should come down to. What ever happened to helping your own? We help everyone else in other countries and such. Why can't the government step in and help the American People? Give them shelter, food and a bed to sleep in and feel safe, better yet create jobs!!

I am hoping that things will get better alot sooner than later. I am hoping that our new President will get things rolling as quick as possible.

Way to many people have lost everything already and that is not the way it should have been.

When Is This Cold Spell Going To Break?

I don't know about anybody else but I had enough!! It is just to cold to really enjoy being outdoors unless you are skiing.